You Raised Over $20,000!

As you know, this past weekend has been a very busy one for us at Namecheap. We recently ran a campaign to raise money for the endangered elephants in Africa. The promotion, in the form of a coupon code, would donate $1 per domain transferred to Namecheap to Save the Elephants.

After 5 full days of the promotion, we’re happy to announce that we have collectively raised $20,433 for the elephants in Africa. We couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you all so much for your support.

20 thoughts on “You Raised Over $20,000!”

  1. Hi SR, you can still transfer to us at a discounted rate using code SWITCH2NC. Sorry about that — we did extend the coupon code three times last week.

  2. I just want to say thank you. I got 1/2 of my domains switched over using the byebyegd code. That was a very generous thing to do.
    I will be moving the rest of my domains over the next few days without using any coupons. You guys deserve full price :)

  3. That’s great! I’m one of your new customers. It felt great to send Bob Parsons a message, but even better–to know that you’re also supporting one of my favorite organizations, Save the Elephants. Those are good people, working hard to prevent human-elephant conflict. Thanks for being on the right side of history.

  4. Its a very good amount, well done NC! I still think, however, that it should have been a month-long campaign at the very least.

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  6. @MENJ – I transferred 14 domains during the promotion. I understand, however, why they limited it to 10 domains and only 5 days: they were losing money on the renewals. They were incurring more cost for every domain transferred, than the revenue those domains generated.

    Granted, in the long term, as we renew from year to year, they will make money, but you can’t have a month-long promotion on your main channel of income when you’re losing money on every purchase!

  7. I just saw this and have started to transfer 7 domain names over. I too wish I would have seen the promotion earlier.

    I have 13 more to do from GoDaddy. This can get pricey. Promotion redux? Thanks….

  8. JR, I’d have to defer to Paul’s comment here on why we can’t really do a promotion redux, but the coupon code SWITCH2NC is a discounted code that works at the present time.

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  11. It’s taking me awhile to convince several of my clients to take the plunge and switch to NameCheap (and away from GoDaddy). They’re coming around slowly, after several emails. I wish the promotion lasted longer. But I did get all my domains and 2 of my clients switched over. Only 6 more GoDaddy domains to go and I’ll be done with GD forever.

    PS: So far, I’m liking NameCheap. Nicely done interface.

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