Two Factor Authentication Now Available!


We know it’s been long requested, and we’ve been working on it for a really long time to make sure it runs perfectly: two factor authentication is now available at Namecheap. In short, for those of you who don’t know what this means, it’s another layer of security that’s required to access your account. A password only goes as far as the person who knows it. And if that password gets leaked, your account information is vulnerable. 2FA adds a second layer of security: phone authentication, making sure your account is only accessed by the person who knows the password AND who gets the text message we send you upon an attempt to access your account.

We’re really excited to roll this out. It’s disabled by default, but you can turn it on by logging into your Namecheap account and accessing Two Factor Authentication under Personal Settings. More details can be found here.

The rest is up to you. We hope you’ll try it out in the name of security, as we want your domains to stay safe and sound in your account — don’t you?

38 thoughts on “Two Factor Authentication Now Available!”

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  3. Thanks Namecheap, this is a great step! I hope you’ll implement a Virtual MFA option soon (e.g., Google Authenticator), that seems to be common between most of the multi factor solutions built these days (e.g., AWS, Google, LastPass, Dropbox, Evernote), I’d love to have NC using the same thing!

  4. Andy, great thoughts – it’s on our roadmap. This is just the beginning of our plans for two factor authentication — and we had to offer it with phone authentication only because it’s been so heavily demanded! ;)

  5. Walter – that’s not something you need to worry about. It’s turned OFF by default. You only turn it on if you want the extra layer of security.

    It is already available, and you’re still logging into your Namecheap account, right? Then don’t worry – it’s just for those who want it. It’s completely optional.

  6. Thank you, Tamar. It seems every vendor is demanding our cell phone number so they can text to us. We don’t have cell service. Many rural areas don’t. Please keep this as a voluntary option. Thank you, -Walter

  7. Hi Pravin, please contact support about this matter. We have found that there could be issues with some carriers that are disallowing the calls from going through.

  8. Hi Anthony, it’s planned. We’re working on our redesign fixes but this is high on our list.

  9. Gerry, we are not disclosing our security policies on a public forum but our staff is trained to address attempts to social engineer and gain access to another’s account. Feel free to contact support for further questions.

  10. Add me to the list for a solid Two Factor App support (Salesforce # or Google Authenticator.) That is critical for my use and adoption.

  11. Hi,

    I have several high value domains that I would love to move over once google authenticate can be implemented.

  12. Authy and Google Authenticator are planned. Thanks for the suggestions!

  13. Any ETA on when 2FA via an app will be in place?

    I’m off on an extended trip soon and really don’t want to have to take my normal SIM with me just on the off chance I have to receive an SMS should I need to get on Namecheap whilst I’m away.

  14. Sorry Johann, we don’t have any further information at this time.

  15. Another +1 for an off-line 2FA solution. Two major advantages: 1) access when there’s no SMS delivery 2) ability to have a backup device (not many people can get a cloned SIM card)

  16. Hey guys, we have a few things in the pipeline, such as our backend account management system that may come first. But this is planned. We cannot provide a date at this time, but your requests are very well noted and documented.

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