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Stand Up for Net Neutrality on July 12

Join Namecheap on July 12, 2017 for Battle for the Net, a worldwide day of action in support of net neutrality and Internet Freedom. Namecheap has signed on with Fight for the Future’s day of action to call attention to recent efforts within the United States Congress and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to roll back … Continue reading Stand Up for Net Neutrality on July 12

Namecheap’s Ongoing Support For Net Neutrality

At Namecheap, we firmly believe in privacy, security, freedom and equal treatment for all web users.  We believe that all netizens deserve to access the content that they want, when they want it, without government or unsanctioned corporate interference. With a laptop and a domain name, ideas and dreams become business realities with the Internet’s … Continue reading Namecheap’s Ongoing Support For Net Neutrality

MoveYourDomainDay 2016

“It’s a combination of education and advocacy that lets regular people get involved in these pressing fights for liberty.”  – Rainey Reitman, EFF Activism Director   Namecheap’s fifth annual MoveYourDomainDay happens on February 2 this year. What Is MoveYourDomainDay? MoveYourDomainDay is an event we created 5 years ago in response to the growing threats against … Continue reading MoveYourDomainDay 2016