Bitcoin Black Friday: Why Namecheap is Participating

As the first major domain registrar to accept Bitcoin as a payment option, we are huge proponents of the currency and its potential to disrupt the payments ecosystem. This week, we will be teaming up with Bitcoin Black Friday to offer a sweet deal to our Bitcoin users. For us, this isn’t just another marketing campaign, it’s a meaningful initiative to not only get more people involved in the currency but to raise awareness of all of the great merchants out there that accept Bitcoin.

We will be launching our deal on Friday, which will give you a 10% bonus for adding at least 0.1 bitcoin to your Namecheap funds. In addition, we’re giving away free domain coupons, starting right now. Details on how to participate in that giveaway are listed below.

For a chance at winning a free domain coupon, reply to this post with the link to an image (hosted on that you captured and created that falls into any of the following categories:

  • Bitcoin Black Friday Propaganda (‘Bitcoin takes on Black Friday, hoorah’ sort of stuff.)

  • General Bitcoin Propaganda

  • “Purchased with bitcoins” (action shots of you using Bitcoin)

Extra points if you somehow include Namecheap into any of those submissions. These submissions will be judged by Bitcoin Black Friday founder Jon Holmquist and the Namecheap staff. Low-quality submissions will be denied.

So make sure you fire up Bitcoin Black Friday at 12:00AM EST on Nov. 29 to take advantage of our offer.

Not sure what Bitcoin is? This video will help you get started so you can take advantage of the deal that we will be announcing next week:

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